Why Christians Should Consider Biblical Fellowship Mandatory

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Church

The Greek calls fellowship koinonia, and the Bible says the sharing of time with each other is one of the requirements of leading a Christian life. There are many different reasons that the Bible comes out strongly in favor of you getting involved in Christian fellowship.

Christian fellowship causes the blood to circulate within your body. Just like if you were in a horrific accident and the blood flow got cut off to your leg that part of your body would die. When you do not fellowship with other believers, you are stopping the blood flow of the Holy Spirit within your body.

The second reason that fellowship is essential for Christians is that it keeps the believer loving the brethren. When a Christian loves another member of the Christian life group in Jacksonville or another location, then they are loving as Christ intended the body to love. Christ gave special talents to every Christian, and you can share those talents within your life group so that you continue living in the light. When you live in the light, then Christ can choose to bless you with riches beyond what you even imagine possible.

The exercise of love within Christian life groups in Jacksonville brings about spiritual maturity. While most life groups have some type of teaching, most have a lot of fun. Therefore, they are a great way to connect with other believers to learn how fun Christian life can be.

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