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Financial Services

The Right Approach For Retirement Planning in Florida

Retirement planning is a task that each and every person needs to invest in. Unfortunately, most people tend to put off this simple, yet crucial task until when it’s too late to start planning for a comfortable retirement. According to a recent study, the average person needs to start retirement planning in Florida in his/her […]

Lawyers & Law Firms

What can a car accident attorney do for you?

Car accident attorneys in Ponte Vedra are those legal professionals who focus their attention on civil cases related to car accidents. Rarely will the attorney be anything other than a personal injury attorney, one with in depth knowledge of tort law and how it is applied. The task of the car accident attorney is to […]

Lawyers & Law Firms

3 Child Support Myths Heard by Child Support Attorneys

It is not uncommon for parents in Bolingbrook and the surrounding areas to hear a lot of misinformation about divorce and child support from well-intended friends, family, and colleagues. In many cases, the myths are old, outdated information on how child support guidelines are utilized through the court system. Understanding and explaining specific issues around […]

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