What’s Normal for Your Car’s Transmission Fluid (And What Should Worry You)

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Automotive

Do you know what’s normal (and what isn’t) where your transmission fluid is concerned? If not, we’re here to clue you in on some transmission fluid facts. We know that a new transmission is expensive, and the repairs aren’t cheap, either. The easiest way to minimize the need for transmission repair in Watsonville, CA, is to consider the factors listed below.

Normally, Your Transmission’s Fluid is Bright Red

With time, your vehicle’s transmission fluid will change color because of the particles and heat that gradually seep in. If your fluid is orange or pink-looking, there’s no cause for concern but you should consider changing it soon. However, color isn’t a reliable indicator of transmission fluid’s service life, as most automatic transmission fluids gradually darken.

When It Turns Muddy Red, It Is Time for a Transmission Fluid Change

When your transmission fluid is full of metallic particles or it’s burnt, it may cause severe damage to your transmission. This is particularly important to keep in mind because the transmission is one of your vehicle’s costliest and most complex parts. If your transmission fluid is black or dark brown, bring your car in for transmission repair in Watsonville, CA.

Schedule Preventive Service Now and Prevent Costly Transmission Problems Later

As with other parts of your vehicle, it’s easier and cheaper to prevent transmission problems than it is to resolve them. To have your transmission inspected and your fluid checked, visit kadotaniautorepair.com or call Kadotani Auto Repair for an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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