How to Find Caster Wheels for your Workplace

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Business

Caster wheels are used in the workplace in different industries. A strongway panel dolly has caster wheels and is used for carrying heavy loads. It is just one of many from cordless tools to industrial trucks. The ability to transfers items makes works easier and safer for employees.

Understand the Difference

Many people think that a caster wheel is one piece. A caster is more than a wheel but is also attached to a mounting. This wheel assembly is mounted to a larger object. It works by enabling the object to move and roll. Contact a Caster wheels in Michigan dealer, he or she can explain more about the supplies they have in stock.

The Swivel Type

The swivel caster allows for a wheel in a caster to rotate 360 degrees. It provides flexibility when moving heavy loads. You will see this type of wheel in the materials handling industry.

The Rigid Type

The rigid caster is commonly found in the medical industry. It does not have a swivel bearing, which only allows for moving forward and backward. This device does not allow for much movement.

Know What You Are Replacing

When you want to replace the wheel on a cart, you want to replace the caster assembly. Casters come in two styles, which are stem and plate mounted. A plate mounted is a flat bracket that contains mounting holes. The mounting holes allow for fastening other objects to it.

On the other hand, a stem mounted has a flat surface. It does not allow for locking on to another object with a spring retention clip.

Caster and wheels improve productivity in the workplace. Contact Casters & Equipment Co. who is a caster wheels Michigan distributor at to solve your caster problems.

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