What Happens to a Keratin Treatment in Jacksonville FL when Hair Roots Grow?

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Beauty Salon and Products

A properly applied keratin treatment can transform even the hardest and most unmanageable hair into manageable locks. After the treatment, your hair will be less fizzy and will be able to be flat ironed and blow-dried in half the time. Even though this is a popular treatment, it will only work on your hair that is present at the time of application.

Facts Keratin Treatment in Jacksonville FL

The most important thing to understand is that a keratin treatment is not permanent. They can last from one up to four months depending on the type of treatment and maintenance that is performed. As your hair grows, the new roots will not have been affected by the chemical treatment, which means that they will appear as the natural texture of your hair. The good news is that there will not be an unsightly line of different hair textures. Since the keratin treatments will only last for a few months at a time, by the time your new hair comes in, the treatment will already be worn away.

Increasing the Actual Process

If you would not like to have an uneven combination of keratin-treated and natural hair, then the selection of shampoo that you use may help. Shampoos that include sulfates will strip the keratin from your hair. It is recommended that you only use a sulfate-free shampoo in order to make the treatment be able to last longer. However, if you decide that you want to return to your hair’s natural texture, then a simple shampoo change will be an effective solution.

When is it Time to Redo it?

Most human hair grows at a rate of a ½ of an inch each month. When the keratin treatment in Jacksonville FL beings to wear away, then your hair will have likely grown from 1/3 of an inch to two inches. Since the keratin treatments can be reapplied once a month, it is really the problem to ensure the texture of your hair remains consistent.

If you are still concerned about the keratin treatment, select a different type of smoothing method. If you are interested in the various types of Hair Treatment, contact Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa.

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