Having a Stressful Day? Visit a Spa for an Hour of Relaxation Services!

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Salon & Spa Services

We all lead very stressful lives. Even kids and teens experience a lot of stress these days. It is not easy to just let the stress drop off at the door when you get home either. If you have been feeling particularly overwhelmed lately, maybe it is time to visit one or more spas in Jacksonville, FL, to drop some of that tension right away. Here are some services that can really help.


You might be hesitant to get a massage, thinking that you must have a big chunk of time for it, or that you have to completely disrobe. Those are both misconceptions. A fifteen-minute hand massage or scalp massage can be just as calming and as soothing as a full body massage with the hand or scalp massage only taking ten to fifteen minutes. Additionally, you can get a thirty-minute body massage over your lunch break without disrobing at all! Imagine how at ease you would feel after a lunch like that!

Mani-Pedis and Facials

Another set of relaxing and favorite services at spas in Jacksonville, FL, are “manis,” “pedis,” and facials. Manicures give you some time to sit and let your hands/nails be pampered. (The manicurists generally refrain from adding colored polish unless requested.) Pedicures can ease pain and discomfort in your feet from work. A facial lets you lay back and completely rest. Call Adrienne Michelle’s Salon and Spa in Jacksonville today, or make an appointment through www.adriennemichelle.com.

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