Reviewing the Steps with a Dog Bite Attorney in Muskegon, MI

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Law Services

In Michigan, dog bite cases provide victims with a chance to collect compensation. A dog attack leads to serious trauma for the victim and could make them fear dogs for the rest of their lives. Reviewing the steps with a dog bite attorney in Muskegon, MI can help victims understand their options.

Finding the Animal and Reporting It

The victim provides as many details as possible about the attack. A description of the dog must be provided to the animal control officer. The victim gives the officer an address where the attack happened if possible. If not, they must offer at least the area of the attack.

Documenting the Attack

A medical assessment is performed to document the attack and the victim’s injuries. The information is used to introduce evidence in the personal injury claim. The doctor provides details about the victim’s injuries and exactly how they occurred. The medical records connect the injuries to the dog attack.

Quarantines and Fines

A quarantine is required only if the dog wasn’t vaccinated. A failure to vaccinate the dog leads to fines and a quarantine period. The quarantine lasts up to twelve days, which is the incubation period for the rabies virus. Any sign of the rabies virus leads to euthanization of the dog. The vet reports their assessment to the animal control officer, and the officer makes a determination. The pet owner faces fines for not vaccinating the dog and incurs the full expense of all vet services.

Strict Liabilities for Pet Owners

Strict liability is introduced if the pet was involved in previous attacks. The strict liability allows the court to impose tort-based awards and deem the pet owner liable. The liability is based on a failure to protect the public from a dangerous animal.

In Michigan, dog attacks lead to serious injuries for victims. The events are often caused by a failure to maintain control over the dog. City ordinances enforce leash laws that require pet owners to keep their dogs on leashes when they are outside. Victims who want to learn more about their options should contact a dog bite attorney in Muskegon, MI through Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. right now.

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