How To Manage Pain With Physical Therapy In Nitro West Virginia

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Physiotherapist

Physical therapy is an excellent treatment option for those living with chronic pain because it will target specific areas while helping patients naturally feel better. It is important to know what to expect throughout the physical therapy treatments and to understand that the therapist is trained to provide effective care. The following information will explain more about the overall benefits of Physical Therapy in Nitro West Virginia.

Effective Physical Therapy Pain Treatment Options

The first thing the physical therapist will focus on is the source of the pain and areas of weakness throughout the body. A series of specific exercises will help to alleviate stiffness in the body and provide some relief from the pain. The exercises will target certain parts of the body, to increase blood flow, and allow the body to move better.

Common Exercises to Expect During Physical Therapy Treatments

Aerobic training is one of the first steps during physical therapy treatments because it will prepare the body for strength exercises. The physical therapist will focus on the importance of resistance to help ease pain in the body. A focus will be put on the core muscles in the body to relieve pain and build overall strength.

Stretching and the Application of Heat and Ice

Stretching exercises will be a very important part of physical therapy treatments for pain, and the focus will be on gentle stretches that increase over time. The focus will also be on the pain areas of the body to create strength and flexibility. The application of ice and heat packs is a very important part of the treatment process because the ice will reduce inflammation and heat will increase flexibility in the muscles.

Contact Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC to discover more about how to manage pain with Physical Therapy in Nitro West Virginia. It is an all natural approach to pain that is proven to be very effective and helps patients to live a better quality of life. The main focus will be working towards getting rid of pain while building a stronger foundation in the body that will increase flexibility and strength. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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