Home Elevator Lifts and Keeping Children Safe With One in Your House

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Lift Service

Home elevator lifts are some of the best options for disabled people. When younger children are in your home, however, the elevator may become an object of curiosity that can cause accidents. 4 kids safety tips for families with home elevators can keep your children safe.

1. Teach Your Kids

Your children should have an introductory crash course in elevator safety to understand it’s to help a family member and not a toy. Kids should be careful about not pushing buttons indiscriminately, which can cause excess wear. They should be careful not to use the elevator to play hide-and-seek or similar games, which increases the chances of injury.

2. No Unaccompanied Riding

Children should only ride an elevator unaccompanied if they are old enough to understand how to use it responsibly. If the primary elevator user is an adult with a disability, only older, responsible children should ride with them to prevent accidents or other issues. Kids might see being permitted to use the elevator as a milestone.

3. Eliminate Gaps

The back of the landing door and the entry gate have a gap you need to keep in mind. This’ space gap’, which has a maximum 5 in distance, might still injure a child if they try to reach or squeeze through it. A space gap solution eliminates the gap between the gate and the door, making the elevator safer for children.

4. Have a Phone On Rule

When your kids use the elevator, make sure they keep their phones on them and powered on. This’ Phone On Rule’ is important because, in case of any emergency or malfunction, they can quickly call for help, ensuring their safety. They can get help much faster.

Home elevator lifts are beneficial when you observe 4 kids safety tips for families with home elevators.

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