Getting Out of Jail in Grapevine, TX through a Bondsman

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When a person gets charged with a legal matter and is arrested, the judge will establish a bail amount for the person to be released. If the person cannot pay the bail amount, a bail bonding agency is probably the best way to go to get the amount needed to be released. A person could get out of jail through a there who will put up the amount necessary for a premium. Here is a look at some things a defendant may want to know about the bail bonding process in Texas.

The Bail Bonding Process in Texas

There are two types of bail that might be required for a defendant, a criminal bail and a civil bail, and depending on the kind of legal matter, the defendant will be charged with one. A bail bonding agency will typically charge 10 percent to 15 percent of the full bond amount for the defendant to have the privilege of getting out of jail until the court hearing. The defendant will also be required to put up collateral, which may be a boat, jewelry, real estate, or other valuable assets.

More about the Bail Bonding Process in Texas

When the defendant shows up for all the court hearings, the collateral will be released (whether the defendant is found guilty or innocent). If the defendant does not appear at all of the court hearings, the judge will issue a bench warrant for the defendant to be returned back to the jail. If that is the case, another premium will have to be paid for a bail bonding agency to get the defendant out of jail. In some cases, the bail bond agency may have to hire a bail reinforcement agent to get the defendant.

A Bail Bonding Agency in Grapevine, Texas

There are many businesses that are set up as and in Grapevine, Texas. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is a bail bonding agency that provides bail bonds for defendants in need. If a person is trying to get out of jail through a Grapevine TX Bondsman, the agency is available. A defendant can get bail bonds 24/7 by calling the agency or visiting the website.

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