Choose Reliable Glass Replacement In Prince George’s County

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Glass Repair & Replacement

Once a windshield is broken, shattered, or compromised, it is time to search for reliable Glass Replacement in Prince George’s county. Vehicle owners need to be proactive about properly maintaining the windshield and invest in a complete replacement when needed. The tips below will answer common questions about what to expect when getting a brand new windshield installed.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services.

It is very frustrating to deal with a broken windshield because the vehicle cannot be driven until the new auto glass has been installed. It is possible to request a free pick up and drop offer service from a window replacement company. This is often a service provided to make it simple and easy for car owners to get access to the services needed without the need to pay for a tow truck.

Understand How Long it Will take to Replace the Windshield.

Living without a vehicle is very difficult and it is helpful to know exactly how long it will take to get the new windshield installed. The amount of time varies for each vehicle but vehicles are usually returned to the owner within one business day. Take some extra time to speak with the auto glass experts to find out how long the process will take and when the installation will be complete.

Washing the Vehicle After Window Replacement.

It is common to wonder how long to wait before washing the vehicle after auto glass installation. Experts recommend waiting at least twenty-four hours or about two days if possible to ensure that the auto glass is completely cured. Stormy weather will not hurt the windshield but avoiding high pressures washes is very important for the first 24 hours.

Contact Beltway Auto & Plate Glass to learn more about what to expect when replacing auto glass and how to access reliable Glass Replacement in Prince George’s county. The expert technicians will explain the entire process and help car owners to access the services they need as quickly as possible. This company understands how important it is to provide reliable solutions and provide high-quality solutions for its customers.

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