Are You Feeding Your Pets Pet Foods Sourced From Ethical Animal Farms?

by | May 12, 2020 | Pets

Americans are in an uproar trying to avoid GMO, growth hormones and the inhumane treatment of animals sourced for food. They have every right to be, as food processors use more and more inorganic means of growing bigger and more food products.

These growth methods harm the human body, and Americans have had enough. They seek truly organic foods for themselves, but lately they’ve been demanding the same for their pets. What does ethical mean in relation to ethical pet products in Gainesville? How can pet parents be sure their pets are getting the real thing?

Meaning Of Ethical

Ethics means different things to different people. Pet food companies find ethics are not accepting anything sourced from China or other countries keeping their animals in cages and feeding them GMO and growth hormones. Others find ethics means complete transparency from testing to processing to nutrients in the food.

Call The Company

Anything can be printed on a pet food bag, box, or can, and we’d never know the difference. Pet parents should call the company producing ethical pet products in Gainesville to gain a complete picture of the ingredients in the pet food, how it’s sourced and what testing is performed on the ingredients.

Research the company. They surely feed their own pets food containing humanely sourced, organic and thoroughly tested pet foods. Research to find the companies policies on transparency and accountability. If it’s good enough for their pets, it will be good enough for yours.

What To Look For

There are certain words for which you should scour every package of pet food. Words like sustainable, organic, cage-free, free-range, and humanely raised should be plastered all over the package. The bad things to be considered are by-products, rendering, extracts and derivatives. Earth Pets Natural Pet Market will be happy to walk you through pet food packages when you call or visit the following website:

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