Hiring Reliable Dog Walking and Care Services in New York City

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Pets

Dog Walking in New York City

If you own a dog in New York City, you could find trustworthy dog walkers at reasonable prices. A New York dog walker should be readily available to provide services throughout the day. For example, the NYC dog walking company could care for your canine companion when you’re working. If you’re away on vacation for multiple days or weeks, the dog walkers could visit your home several times per day. Each dog walking session will typically have a fixed hourly rate. You might be charged extra fees for any other personalized care and services. Additionally, some dog walkers offer discounts on handling multiple pets at the same time.

Dog Walkers in NYC

A New York dog walker should offer reliable services when you’re working or away on vacation. You should have direct lines of communication with the dog walker at any time. If there’s an emergency situation with your dog, the dog walker should contact your preferred veterinary clinic. When hiring NYC dog walking services, you can ask about insurance and bonds for covering unexpected events. For example, the insurance policy might pay for accidental injuries to your dog during the walking session. Some dog walkers also have pending or full certifications in veterinary care. Additionally, you can find experienced dog trainers to work with your puppies and juvenile dogs.

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