Why You Need to Switch to Green Cleaning Services

by | May 22, 2019 | Cleaning

Green cleaning is fast becoming a popular option among businesses in New Haven, CT, as it makes use of eco-friendly cleaning products that promote the safety and health of your employees. Green cleaning products do not contain any of the harmful substances found in regular cleaning products. Here are more reasons why you seriously need to consider hiring companies that offer green cleaning as part of their janitorial services.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Non-green cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on the indoor air quality of your building. This could potentially cause some of your employees to develop health and respiratory issues such as asthma. Aside from polluting your indoor air quality, toxins and chemical from non-green cleaning products can also be absorbed by the skin. Green cleaning products do not contain such chemicals and toxins, which makes them a healthier option. Plus, they are 100% biodegradable.

Usage of Safer Products

Green products effectively control the spread of bacteria while lowering the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals from conventional cleaning products. Green cleaning products meet strict standards when it comes to skin absorption, combustibility, and inhalation toxicity. They are also not corrosive. So by using such cleaning products, you help protect your employees from exposure to toxic chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly

Green cleaning appeals to many people because it is kind to the environment. The toxic chemicals that harm your health also pose threats to mother nature, especially when it comes to water and air quality. Green cleaning is free from such harmful substances, so you won’t have to worry that pollutants will find their way into the environment.

Green cleaning benefits everyone, from the cleaning crew to the people using the office space.  Janitorial Services, LLC, a local cleaning company, can help clean your building without contributing to the indoor and outside pollution with their green cleaning janitorial services. You can find them at 14 Andrassy Avenue, Fairfield CT 06824. Contact them now to get more details. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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