Why Everyone Absolutely Loves to Ride Around in a Challenger Limo

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Limousine Service

The Dodge Challenger is an iconic car, known for high speeds and higher quality, making it the perfect car for a limo transformation! When you first see a Challenger limo, you instantly see the signature Challenger grille, but this car comes with so much more than a big engine under the hood.

Custom Limos Are the Pinnacle of Luxury
With its hefty price tag, you would certainly expect a world of features to be contained in such an impressive car. This vehicle does not disappoint, delivering a full suite of features that maximize the amount of enjoyment parties can have while on the road.

Feel the Power of the Bass
The Challenger’s entertainment system includes sophisticated surround sound speakers that pump out 5,000 watts of bass, enough to keep your party going throughout the night. Just flip up the jet wing doors and let the party begin! Play MP3s, CDs, or plug it right into an iPod for ultimate customization.

Not to mention, you can also watch all the TV you can handle on flat-screen TVs, or choose your favorite DVD and kick back with a chilled adult drink! Lounge around on your luxury limo’s spacious seating and enjoy the splendors of the Challenger’s outstanding interior lighting display.

If you are looking for the most stylish way to get picked up from the airport, or the best car for having a night on the town, then the Challenger limo is right up your alley! Even great for birthday parties and date nights, a vehicle of this caliber is perfect for all occasions.

If you’re looking for a fun limo ride for any occasion in Florida, contact the team at Clean Ride Limo.

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