When It’s Cold in Groton, Connecticut, Heating Oil is Your Best Fuel Option

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Oil Store

Heating oil is a very popular product, especially in Groton, Connecticut. It gets very cold here, so it’s no surprise that people are constantly buying heating oil. Heating oil is a great fuel to use to heat your home. Here are some pros and cons you should know about when using it.


1. Heating oil is an extremely efficient heating fuel. It burns hotter than propane gas and delivers more heat per BTU than any other fuel used for heating.

2. Compared to other heating fuels, it’s safe. While it will catch on fire, it won’t explode. You also don’t have to worry about heating oil producing toxic fumes like carbon monoxide.

3. You don’t need a “gas line” to use heating oil like you do with natural gas. This means that you can used heating oil in Groton, CT, anywhere, at anytime.


1. Heating oil costs more upfront than other types of fuel. Even though a heating oil furnace is cheaper than other types of furnaces, you’ll still end up paying more over a lifetime of use.
2. Unlike other fuel sources, heating oil will freeze. You must use additives to keep it from freezing. This creates an additional cost.

Heating oil in Groton, CT, has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. Sure, it costs a little more, but it provides a better level of heating which you’ll appreciate when it’s freezing outside. Anderson Oil Company can supply you with all the heating oil you need in Groton. Find out more at .

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