When Children and Teenagers Need Partial Dentures in O’Fallon MO

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Dental Care

Partial Dentures in O’Fallon MO are the solution for missing teeth when a dental patient cannot afford implants or is too young for those devices. Dentists generally will not place implants until the jaw is finished developing, which typically happens by the late teens. A younger patient still wants artificial teeth to fill noticeable gaps that have occurred after teeth were knocked out.

When patients in this age group lose teeth, it usually happens during an athletic activity or roughhousing. They don’t tend to need teeth extracted due to disease, which is a more common problem in older adults.

Removable vs. Fixed Teeth Replacements

Partial Dentures in O’Fallon MO are removable, unlike fixed bridges that are permanently attached to adjacent teeth. They are crafted to blend in well with the patient’s natural teeth in regard to color and size.

The placement of fixed bridges requires grinding down a bit of the surface of the adjacent teeth. This is not optimal when patients plan to have dental implants placed within the next five or 10 years. Removable false teeth provided by a clinic such as New Age Dental Care are a better choice in this situation.

Caring for the Devices

Parents must make sure their youngsters take excellent care of the devices by keeping the dentures very clean. The artificial teeth must be removed and soaked for a certain amount of time every day. If the child or teenager is not diligent enough about this activity, parents can boost motivation by talking about the possibility of bad breath when the replacement teeth are not clean.

The youngster may not like being around anyone when the false teeth are not in the mouth. Soaking them overnight is often the best way to solve that problem.

A Temporary Solution

Parents may consider the partial dentures to be temporary, planning to schedule their son or daughter for dental implant placement as soon as the dentist gives the green light. In the meantime, those artificial teeth allow the young person to maintain self-confidence with a natural-looking smile. Schedule an appointment by contacting a dental clinic online or by phone.

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