What To Expect From Property Insurance Policy in Fort Myers

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Insurance Services

In Florida, homeowners purchase insurance coverage to protect their investments and avoid major financial losses. Each of the policies protects the property, items connected to it, and all items stored inside the home. A local insurance agent provides information about what homeowners can expect from Property Insurance Policy in Fort Myers.

Coverage for Specific Events

Property insurance provides coverage for specific events. Typically, the policies cover natural disasters, fires, and criminal vandalism. It covers flooding more comprehensively for properties that aren’t in destinated flood zones. Any property that is in a designated flood zone requires a flood policy.

Temporary Housing Funds

Temporary housing funds are available for homeowners when they are displaced from their home. The funds pay for hotel fees and food requirements. Homeowners choose a value for their temporary housing funds when the policy starts. Increases aren’t allowed once the funds are accessed. However, the homeowner can increase the funds later.

Replacement for High Valued Items

Riders are added to homeowner’s insurance policies to cover high-value items. Agents require an official appraisal for the items. The additions are requested when the value of the policy won’t include the replacement of expensive items, such as jewelry and artwork. Riders provide coverage if the items are lost, stolen, or damaged at any time. However, the items must be kept inside the property at all times.

Coverage for College Students

College students who lived in the home prior to moving to dorms receive some coverage through the policies, too. All furniture and electronics used by the student are covered under the policy. An insurance claim is filed if the items are damaged due to a covered event. Any limitations for college students are listed in the policy.

In Florida, homeowner’s insurance offers coverage for sipecific events that cause property damage. Select policies provide either the market value or the true replacement value for the home. It is paramount that the owner reviews the exact terms of their policies before making any final decisions. The value of their policies is disclosed when they sign their contract. Homeowners who want to learn more about Property Insurance Policy in Fort Myers can request General Insurance Quotes now.

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