What to Expect from Professional Basement Finishing in Glastonbury, CT

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Business, Home Improvement

Finishing a basement is a time and labor-intensive job. It’s a tremendous investment that requires skilled and professional contractors if everything is to go smoothly. If you’re considering taking on this type of a project, it’s very helpful to know what to expect from professional basement finishing companies in Glastonbury, CT. The Walkthrough You and your contractor will do an initial walkthrough of your basement space together to talk about proposed design and to brainstorm ideas. The contractor will take notes and measurements regarding things like doorway and beam locations. Proposal and Floor Plan Your contractor will then draw up a floor plan and cost proposal to provide for your approval. From there, you can make adjustments together and finalize the plan. Permit Applications Next, your builder will apply for a building permit along with any other required documentation. This could take a couple of weeks to complete. Construction Now the construction can begin. This is a complex process that varies. However, it usually starts with framing of the space. Also involved are electrical, HVAC and plumbing work. Insulation is then added. Next, finishes are put in place such as sheetrock for the walls and trim on the doors and windows. Then, final HVAC and electrical installation is needed on things like systems, plugs, cables and circuit panels. Finishing touches including paint and flooring are last. When all of this is completed, you’ll be able to take a final walkthrough and inspection. The entire process of basement finishing in Glastonbury, CT, could take between four and six weeks, but it’s worth the investment. Visit Basement Finish Pros LLC at Basementfinishpros.com for more information.

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