What Can Owners Expect From Auto Glass Repair in Cherry Hill NJ?

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Glass Repair & Replacement

A ding or crack to a windshield can be devastating to an owner. Rocks and other debris can fly up from the road and other vehicles and quickly cause damage to the windshield. If this damage is not promptly repaired, it will continue to worsen and the owner will eventually face the need for a full replacement. With this information, vehicle owners will know what they can expect from Auto Glass Repair Cherry Hill NJ.

What Can Owners Expect From Glass Repair Services

In most cases of minor damage, the vehicle can undergo Auto Glass Repair Cherry Hill NJ. If the damage is in the driver’s field of vision or if it is too large, repairs will likely be impossible. In these cases, it is wise to have the entire windshield replaced for the best results.

Glass repair companies will typically come to the customer’s residence or place of business. These repairs can be carried out quickly and effectively and the vehicle will be drivable again within a couple of hours. The following steps are carried out during the repair process.

  • The damaged area will be carefully cleaned to remove any dirt or debris that would contaminate the repair. Once the area is completely clean, the next steps in the repair process will be conducted.
  • A special resin is piped into the damaged area so it can be completely filled in. This type of resin helps to repair minor dings that are around the size of a quarter or less or cracks that are no more than six inches long.
  • The repaired area will be treated with a special light so it immediately hardens and cures. The curing process helps to ensure the resin will fully bond with the glass so the repair is as seamless as possible.

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