Three Exciting Ways to Beef Up Your Trade Show Exhibit Design

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Business

We have all gone to trade shows and found ourselves awash in the spectacle. The attendees have big booths, big ideas and big creativity. It can be difficult to stand out from all these eye-catching booth designs. However, if your enterprise is going to establish its brand in the marketplace, you will need to stand out. Here are three exciting ways to add dazzle to your exhibit.

Experiment with Color

If your company has a logo, it is likely to be the product of thought and research. Well, the colors in that logo can complement or contrast with other colors. Experimenting with monochromatic or multiple color approaches to your exhibit can be invaluable. The typical human mind is a visual processing machine, and both color and texture are direct draws to certain mind-sets. Adding splashes of color to your portable exhibition stands or your larger installations can set your exhibit apart from the neighbors.

Leverage the Third Dimension

Many exhibit designs take maximum advantage of their floor space. However, the third physical dimension often gets overlooked. By adding overhead elements, you can show your leads that the sky is not a limit for your organization. These can be simple overhead mounts or banners that feature scrolling marquees. If clients can see your exhibit from across the convention floor, then you already have a much broader point of access over your competition.

Interactive Elements Demand Attention

Clients and leads are interested in getting their hands on demos and interactive materials. Colorful brochures, informative portable exhibition stands and glossy literature are fine. However, there is nothing as convincing to a lead as holding onto a physical specimen. Consider adding immersive virtual reality or augmented reality elements to allow your leads a chance to walk through your pitch. Few salespeople are good enough to sell a product without offering the lead a chance to experience that product.

Adding dazzle to an exhibit only requires a little creative thought. Sometimes throwing money at a problem works. More often, the right innovative spark will connect with leads better than any expensive installation.

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