Things to Know About Large Tree & Stump Removal in Anaheim

Although arborist service technicians would prefer to help trees stay healthy and keep them looking aesthetically pleasing, they are also willing to provide service for Tree & Stump Removal in Anaheim as needed. Sometimes the work must be done because a tree has storm damage, has become significantly weakened or is dying off. In other cases, property owners simply want a tree removed for their own personal reasons.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is one of the more common reasons people call for Tree & Stump Removal in Anaheim. A big branch breaking off a tree can leave it unstable and a significant safety hazard.

Stumps: To Remove or Not

Stump removal can be done after the tree is cut down. Some homeowners don’t mind having a stump in the yard and may even turn it into a planter stand. Others feel that the chunk of wood left behind is unsightly.

Another reason property owners don’t always have a stump removed is because stump grinding adds a significant amount of cost to the invoice. The work requires specialized equipment and it is labor intensive. Felling a large tree is not the cheapest project to have done around the property, either, and many homeowners have the need to keep costs as low as they can.

Felling Large Trees

The work of a company such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc is especially appreciated by customers who need to have a very large tree felled for one reason or another. A pine, an oak or another tree may be 50 or 60 feet tall, or even taller than that. There really is no way for a person without the right equipment and expertise to bring this big tree down safely.

Companies like Jose Martinez Tree Service, Inc., use bucket trucks and essential safety gear as they begin cutting branches from the top. Often, their work is intricate since they cannot risk dropping heavy branches onto buildings and vehicles nearby. It’s different in rural areas, where a tree sometimes can be brought down in one movement with a chainsaw cut near the bottom and a set of ropes around upper branches. You can also connect them on Facebook.