The Reasons Tree Cutting in Fayetteville GA May be Needed

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Tree Service

While trees surrounding a house can provide privacy and beauty, the trees need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep them healthy, looking good and to protect the house. Allowing tree limbs to grow long enough to brush or rest against a house can cause damage to the siding or the roof and it invites pests to enter the home. It is important to know when to prune trees to keep them healthy, looking great and to prevent damage to a homeowner’s property or to a neighbor’s property. While most people can trim their own trees, if they are very tall trees, it may be better to hire tree trimming experts for the job.

Safety is the primary reason that a tree needs to be kept trimmed, and safety should be the first concern when doing the trimming. Tree limbs can fall off during a storm or because they are weak. This causes many problems for homeowners. If they do fall, depending on their size, limbs can break windows, scratch or dent vehicles or hurt someone if they fall someone passing by when it falls. When getting ready to for tree cutting in Fayetteville GA, a homeowner should not take on the job if the branches are close to power lines. Homeowners should also call in a professional tree trimming company if the limbs to be cut are more than 10 cm in diameter.

Trees should be trimmed on a regular basis to keep them healthy as well. Trimming trees often encourages them to develop a stronger core structure, which can help them withstand the elements better. The U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests that trees be trimmed once a year when they are dormant. When they are dormant, trimming is less likely to cause trees to be damaged when pruned. Trees may need to be trimmed at other times of the year if tree growth obscures the visibility of drivers to see traffic on the street or if pedestrians cannot walk on sidewalks.

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