Solving Puzzles to Get Out of Escape Room Games in Monterey

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Business, Games & Sports

An escape room is a fun adventure that you can experience alone or with a group. If you’ve never been to an escape game in Monterey, there are a few tips to remember so that you stand a better chance at solving the puzzles. The first thing to remember is that you’re going to need to keep all of the details of the puzzles you solve organized as all of the clues are usually used to solve other riddles in the game.


If possible, try to put together a team of people who are good at solving puzzles. If you’re unable to gather enough people for a team, then the owner of the escape room will usually be able to put you with others who don’t have a complete team as well. Smaller rooms can often be tackled by yourself or with one or two other people.


You need to listen to what the other players say. Each person will likely be able to put together their own clues and offer advice, which means that you’re going to need to try to put all of the information together to escape from the game.

Do Your Own Thing

Instead of everyone working on the same puzzle in the room, try to spread out and do something different. You’ll be able to maybe solve puzzles that others can’t figure out, which can sometimes result in completing the escape game in Monterey with the assistance of the other clues that teammates solve.

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