Selecting a Land Surveying Company in Scranton, PA

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Engineering Service

Whether you are working on a new project or making some changes on an existing site, there comes a time when you may need land surveying in Scranton, PA. When you are ready for this surveying work, you want to be sure it is done professionally and in the most accurate way possible. Small discrepancies can cause big headaches down the road.

What To Look for in a Land Surveying Company

You want to work with a company that utilizes the latest technology while also comfortable with traditional survey methods. The combination will yield top quality results. Whether you need construction stakeouts, land title surveys, surveys for horizontal and vertical controls, as-built surveys, or the preparation of easement and property legal descriptions, an established survey company can help.

Additionally, access to the latest technology ensures that the company can handle the job even if the scope of work changes. High-definition surveying, for example, allows the survey team to create highly detailed information with a great deal of accuracy. High-definition surveying allows you to see the information collected in 3D while providing a 360-degree view of the site.

If your site is difficult to access you may benefit from drone surveying. A drone survey should be completed by FAA-certified pilots. This method of surveying is much faster and often much less expensive than surveying a challenging site using traditional survey methods.

When you are ready for land surveying in Scranton, PA, get in touch with JHA Companies. Their experience and equipment ensure that your survey work exceeds your expectations.

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