Retainer Nose Ring for Times When You Need to Be Discrete

by | Nov 3, 2018 | Retail Jewelry Store

Not everyone will understand your piercings and that is okay, it does not mean that you must let your piercing close. A retainer nose ring is virtually invisible and keeps your piercing intact. Society can be judgmental and sometimes you just must pick your battle and a nose ring may not be the ideal battle field.

Why Do You Need a Retainer Nose Ring In your Body Jewelry Box?

Nose rings are not celebrated by everyone, and unfortunately, they can hinder you in certain situations. Having a retainer ring on hand can ensure that you get the best of both worlds. You can meet the “dress code” without having to let your piercing close. There are some key situations where a nose ring may be frowned upon by people in authority including:

        Work situations
        Extended visits home
        And more

Many employers have strict no “face jewelry” rules except for earrings. Giving up your nose ring does not have to be part of the equation, a retainer will keep the hole open, so you can wear the nose ring during off hours.


Likewise, many schools are implementing a no face jewelry dress code as well. You can still do you after school without worry with a clear retainer.

Your Family

Sometimes it is just easier to stick in a retainer when you are going to be home for long periods of time, instead of explaining your Alt lifestyle to friends and family. has all the retainer solutions you need to move through life with the piercing you want without having to worry about letting your hole’s close to meet some dress code guidelines. Shop for retainers, body jewelry and more from one of the most reliable sources.

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