Quality Steel Banding Tool in Delaware

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Business

There are many reasons for binding in most if not all material industries. Oftentimes, for products made from softer ore more delicate material, you might need softer binding such as plastic and even fiber or string. But you’ll need an entirely different binding material than plastic for harder and heavier material.

In such a situation, steel binding is often the tool and that means, you’ll need a tool to use a tool. That’s where the banding tool comes in.

Steel binding or steel strapping involves stainless or galvanized steel, a composite metal that’s durable against moisture, rust and weathering. There’s the steel strapping itself. Then, there’s the steel strapping seal that binds the strap together so that it doesn’t unwind or unfurl. And there is the steel strapping tool.

We at Independent Metal Strap Company specialize in all these components and tools. We make them and we supply companies with them. As a U.S. based manufacturer and supplier, we’re able to provide all the supplies you need to get the job of strapping and storing done, either for storage or for transport.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering our products and services at the highest possible quality in the industry, providing what you need in the most efficient way, offering them at the most competitive price and making sure we’ve got them all available any time you need it.

That’s the direct result of being proudly US Made.

So, whatever steel strapping material or banding tool you need, whether a stretcher, a sealer or a cutter or all together, give us a call at 516-621-0030. We’d want to know how we can help you.

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