Premium Fully Online or On-Campus High School Classes in Peoria, AZ

Now that summer is almost here, that would traditionally bring a “much-needed break” for the greater majority of high school students. But as times have changed, so have high schools and their curriculum options for students.

High school Peoria, AZ, students have the wonderful opportunity to keep up with their coursework or to get ahead this summer, online or on-campus with a highly accredited educational institution.

True education, when taught at its peak level, will offer students one-on-one person instruction with teachers, a curriculum specifically tailored to the needs and interests of that given student.

This charter school will feature agreeable summer sessions of four weeks. If students are a bit behind in their coursework, the school will offer credit recovery and instructor support. And if students have kept pace thus far in their academic careers, summer school will enable students to get ahead in crucial subjects if they complete 25 hours of coursework each week. These courses are 100% self-paced, so students are free to fit in coursework around their schedule.

This high school in Peoria, AZ, is suited to those students that can only attend part-time due to work, family, or health situations. The core course structure is very amenable to a wide variety of different students. The school offers six-week courses, where students take two classes every six weeks. Online courses are, of course, accessible from anywhere. If students elect to attend in person, there are six campuses available to attend.

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