Passenger Van Rental Makes Group Transportation & Entertaining a Cinch

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Transportation

Why bother renting multiple cars to transport 10 or more people between airports, hotels and event venues? For festive occasions, special events or group road trips, nothing is more efficient, economic and exciting than a passenger van rental. Here’s a quick overview of what’s available, why to rent and how to do so.

Passenger Vans & Sprinters

Passenger vans and sprinters are close cousins, but the latter is slightly more glamorous. Both options comfortably hold 10 or more people for safe transport between arrival points, accommodations and event locations.

Sprinter vans come outfitted with in-cabin amenities that make them more suitable for mobile parties or for those evenings when the trip is supposed to be as red carpet-worthy as the glitzy destination.

Sprinter vans come with media players, surround sound, tinted windows, AC and sumptuous seating. Upgrades include TV/DVD video, limo-style seating, fiber optic lighting and PA systems for guided tours or in-cabin parties.

Why to Rent Passenger Vans

Passenger vans are the easiest and most effective way to ensure that a party of people remain a cohesive whole during daily commutes between accommodations and trip activities. Sports teams, families at theme parks, corporate event attendees, church groups and bachelorette parties, etc., find passenger vans crucial to keeping group members contained and safely conveyed between locations.

Rent a Passenger Van in Record Time

Renting a passenger van online takes minutes. One merely has to enter some basic info, receive a free quote and book one’s trip. The basic info entails the pickup date and time, depart time, depart location, destination and return date.

For more info, visit Great American Charters, the easiest way to score a luxury passenger van rental for your next group adventure.

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