Non Toxic Pest Control Myths

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Pest Control

There are many different myths about the use of non toxic pest control products. Some of these myths have developed over time, while others are started online by those interested in continuing to market old, toxic, chemical pest control products.

There are two different types of on the market. One category is the do-it-yourself products that are available in shops and retailers. These are often more pest repellant products, using a variety of essential oils and natural ingredients to repel insects and pests.

The other category is the commercial non toxic pest control products. These products are not available to those not certified in how to correctly apply and use the pesticides. At Flick Pest Control, we use only approved, next-generation pest control products.

Myth: All insect control products build up in the environment.

The next-generation commercial types of pest control products are designed to break down and not accumulate in the environment. This prevents danger to waterways and the land, even with repeated application of the product.

Myth: Non toxic products have a limited effect on eliminating pests.

At Flick Pest Control, we offer a warranty period based on the type of service provided. This provides our customers with peace of mind that the pest control method we recommend and deploy will address their pest problem.

As with any type of insect, there is always the chance of the problem developing again in the future. The natural movement of insects, termites, spiders, mosquitos, and other types of pests cannot be prevented. However, routine inspections on an annual basis helps to target early problems and reduce the cost of keeping your home or commercial property free from pests.

Myth: Non toxic pest control causes stains on carpeting, floors, cabinets, and furniture.

The products we choose are safe both inside and outside of the home. However, our technician will always test a small, unseen area of carpeting or material if there is a concern.

Choosing to use environmentally-save pest control methods is a simple way to care for our customers, environment, and the community as a whole.

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