New Energy-Efficient Water Heater Installation in Baltimore, MD

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Plumbing & Plumbers

The need to replace an old water heater can be aggravating because of the expense and inconvenience. If the appliance quits working suddenly, the household residents may be without hot water for a day or two. They may not want to schedule emergency service over a weekend, for example. Water heater installation in Baltimore, MD, is provided by licensed plumbers who work with both gas and electric models.

Federal Requirements

One bright spot would be the federal energy efficiency requirements for water heaters manufactured after April 26, 2015. Older appliances could still be sold until the stock ran out, but new ones have been required to meet the updated standards. That will save the homeowners money on electric or gas bills after new water heater installation in Baltimore, MD.

Possible Issues

Some homeowners will have trouble with installation because the new models are taller and wider than older ones. If the appliance they now have is in a cramped space like a cubbyhole behind a closet, a new water heater may not fit in there. This is a common situation with manufactured homes, for example, and especially with older mobile homes that do not include utility rooms.

Space must be created somewhere in the building for this installation, or the customers can have a tankless water heater installed instead. That equipment lasts significantly longer than tank heaters and reduces energy costs required to keep a tank of water hot at all times. Both types can be installed by Saffer Plumbing, which provides information at Sitename.

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