Measuring Success off the Scale: Harnessing the Power of a Fitness Test

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

As you embark and progress on your fitness journey, you’ll want to find an objective way to measure how far you’ve come. While pounds and pant sizes are indubitably a mark of achievement, rapid acclimation to your workout routine may make it feel as if you’ve hardly made a change at all. To boost your motivation and encourage your ongoing success, consider a fitness test to measure your improvement in real time.

Whether it’s a lap around the gym or a loop around the pool, a combination of measurements will serve as a baseline for where you were when you began your weight loss journey. Time how far you go, how long it takes, and your pulse both before and after the test. If possible, measure for blood oxygenation and glucose, giving you an ever better insight into your health. Add in push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and squats, painting a well-rounded picture of both your endurance and strength. Don’t worry if it’s difficult, or if you have to walk for a portion of the test – this will mean even more progress down the road!

As you progress through your journey, retake your original fitness test to gauge your progress. While your results may not be perfect, they should serve to remind you of how far you’ve come, and how much progress you’ve made. From strength and endurance to flexibility and mood, your fitness test will bring to light qualities that can’t be measured on a scale or bought at a store. Especially if you’ve tended to focus on a certain workout or muscle group, a fitness test will indicate areas where you can continue to improve.

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