London Area SEO Experts Share Secrets on Getting Organic Blog Traffic

by | Jul 6, 2022 | SEO Services

According to a new post by a group of search engine optimization experts in London, there are 7 blog title formulas that get clicks. These tricks can help to dramatically improve the chances of someone driving actual organic traffic back to their blog. A good chunk of web traffic these days comes from bots, which does little to increase the readership of blogs.

The tricks from this report on 7 blog title formulas that get clicks, however, should help to attract human readers who could then potentially act on any information that they get from a post. Representatives from a content marketing agency in London have opined that most webmasters fail to author titles that are engaging enough to attract real readers. In fact, many are inadvertently writing them primarily for machines since they’re desperately trying to increase their search rankings.

By keeping in mind the old adage that content is still king, these webmasters can start to refocus their efforts on a genuine human audience. Representatives from said content marketing agency in London also recommend using the right type of English spellings for the location of the world that you’re targeting. Those who live in Commonwealth realms are more than likely used to a specific set of spellings that are less common in the United States. This is important for those who do a great deal of international business to keep in mind. Sometimes it’s even best to have multiple blogs targeted toward different parts of the world.

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