Keeping Your Garage Warm in the Winter

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your garage, but in the winter time, warm air can easily escape from this area of the home. This can lead to having more expensive energy bills than you would for the rest of the year. Another problem is that any items you store in the garage can be damaged by the cold, making it important to winterize the garage. There are a few things an expert in garage door installation in Melbourne, FL can do to help out when it gets chilly.

Replacing or Repairing Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping in your garage creates a seal between the garage door opening and the door itself. As time goes on, this weatherstripping can crack or become brittle, which allows more air in to cause cold drafts. If air is coming in through this area of the garage, you need to have your weatherstripping replaced or repaired. This involves removing the weatherstripping including any adhesive and putting a new seal down. If you’re having trouble with the cold in the winter, a professional garage door technician can help you find a solution.

Adding Extra Insulation

If you do not have insulation or the insulation you have isn’t providing enough of a benefit, you may need to install insulation to the walls of your garage. There are several options you can choose from, including fiberglass batt, which is recommended by many experts in the garage door industry. However, it requires a bit of skill to put in place so you may end up needing assistance. You can also install insulation to some garage doors, but it’s often less stressful to buy a door that comes insulated from the start.

Install a Heater for the Garage

If you need even more warmth, the best option is to add a unit heater to the garage. These are typically small and easy to use so you can turn them on whenever you need them and then flip them off at other times. They come in both gas and electric models, with the electric options being easier to install and use.

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