How to Introduce Loss Prevention Activities in the United States

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Business, Security

Businesses lose billions of dollars worth of property, money, and goods each year through various theft schemes. Whether thefts are committed by internal employees or external individuals, all companies should have effective loss prevention methods in place to deter such activity. Costs associated with installing loss prevention services offset through documented theft recovery and observable prevention. There are several ways professional security firms help businesses and individuals address loss prevention.

Civil Recovery

When a loss occurs and individuals/entities are found responsible, remedies in civil court make it possible to recover multiple times the amount of the original loss. Proper documentation and evidence strengthen cases in civil court, allowing for greater and timely judgements in favor of the plaintiffs.

External Threats

Security firm officers monitor non-employees and other external people around or in a premises and observe them to identify, witness, or prevent thefts. Officers use video surveillance to aid in observing multiple people at one time.

Internal Threats

Officers use advanced monitoring, undercover methods, and technologies to investigate employees and identify or prevent in-house theft. They may pose as employees and record all activities as evidence.

Officer Presence

Used as a deterrence, security firms assign professional officers to provide a uniformed and visible presence. Officers may also be in plain clothes in an undercover role to gather intelligence or use surprise to apprehend theft perpetrators.


Companies and individuals also hire security firms to analyze vulnerabilities that could accelerate theft. Surveys gather preliminary information that firms use in planning and other programs that strengthen theft deterrence.

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