Hints for Finding Comfortable Gymnastics Leotards for Your Child

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Clothing

Whether your child is practicing or competing, a leotard is the quintessential sportswear for a gymnast. The one-piece garment allows freedom of movement without the worry of getting caught in loose fabric. Along with fit, you should consider an array of factors, including style and fabric.

Selecting the Right Size

Whenever possible, your child should try on a leotard before a purchase. Look for a snug fit without showing too much chest or riding above the hips. While you might want to allow some room for growth, avoid loose shoulder straps. If your child can’t try on kids leotards in the store, measure their chest, waist, hips and height to find the best possible fit.

Finding a Fabric

Bold colors and sparkles may be the first things that grab your child’s attention, but the type of fabric will affect their comfort. Lycra and nylon provide a close fit without being scratchy and, while velour looks elegant, your child may get hot quickly in the thicker fabric. Metallic leotards, often the required apparel for competition, may feel tight or irritating.

Picking Your Style

Kids leotards for practice can usually reflect your child’s tastes whether they prefer classic colors or bold patterns and shiny fabrics. Choices about sleeve lengths and back styles should meet their comfort and ease of movement.

Choosing Your Leotard

When buying a leotard for a gymnastics competition, your coach may require a specific style. If it’s for practice, you want to find one that fits well and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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