Finding Aid in Haltom City in Bail Bonds Agencies

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When people are arrested and taken to the police station for booking, that is usually a stressful time for them and they may not know where to turn. During an arraignment, a judge may set a bail for the defendants that they are unable to pay and they may have to stay in jail. However, bail bonds agencies exist for the purpose of assisting defendants who can’t pay their bail and will secure the bail bond for them for a fee. Defendants can find aid in Haltom City in Bail Bonds services. Here are some things to know.

What to Know about Bail Bonds Services

Bail bonds agencies will charge defendants a fee of 10 percent for the convenience of getting them out of jail. This fee will be 15 percent if the defendants are facing a felony charge. In addition, the defendants will be asked to put up collateral, or to get someone else to do so if they do not have collateral to offer. Examples of items used for collateral include real estate, stocks, investment bonds, automobiles, recreational vehicles, and expensive jewelry.

Other Things to Know about Bail Bonds Services

As long as the defendants show up to all their scheduled court appearances, the collateral will be intact and returned to the owner at the end of the court process. It will not matter whether the defendants were found innocent or guilty. If the defendants decide to skip or jump bail, the collateral will be forfeited, the defendants will be searched for until found, and returned to jail. This is something defendants want to avoid, so it is best to show up to all the required court hearings.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agency for Help

Bail bonds agencies can be a stress reliever for those who need their services and can usually be found near a jail or not too far away. Ronnie D. Long has a bail bonds agency that provides services to help defendants get out of jail in Texas. If a defendant is looking for aid in Haltom City in Bail Bonds services, the agency is available. Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today for more information.

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