Electric Contractors in Rice Lake WI Make Upgrades to Old Residences

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Electrical and Electricians

When people move into an older home that has never had any electrical upgrades, they may have several projects they want completed by Electric Contractors in Rice Lake WI. The wiring should probably be updated. This is an ideal time to change from a fuse system to a circuit breaker panel. Several additional tasks make life more convenient and the system safer.

General Issues

Someone in the family who wants to convert a bedroom into a home office will have specific tasks for the electrician from a company such as B & B Electric Inc. The same goes for the household residents upon finding that each bedroom only has two outlets and the living room doesn’t have any for three-prong plugs. Electric contractors in Rice Lake WI can bring the home into the 21st Century.

The house may not have any ceiling fans, features that the customers want in all of the bedrooms as well as the living room and family room. They discover that trying to run the microwave with the kitchen light on blows a fuse, which should not happen. Old outlets located near water sources in the home should be replaced with ground fault circuit interrupter models. After moving into the older house, it’s time to Schedule an appointment with an electrician.

The Home Office

In the new office, not only is the power strip full, the outlet by the desk is also full. That puts way too much load on one particular area of wiring, especially when a higher-wattage item is plugged in. A laptop computer doesn’t require much power, but a desk lamp with an incandescent bulb is another story.

The Home’s Exterior

The exterior of the house might have only one outlet, which is very inconvenient when the residents want to use electrical equipment on the opposite side of the building. They also might want to have a deck constructed and an electrician to add lighting there. Motion lights in front of the house or on the garage help visitors to see better when they arrive at night. The homeowners don’t have to leave lights on outside as they wait for their company.

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