Don’t Try This at Home! Choose Professional Waxing in St Johns, FL

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Healthcare Related

Hair removal is one of those necessary grooming chores that no one enjoys doing. Maybe you’re tired of shaving, plucking, or using a stinky depilatory to get smooth, hairless skin that seems to grow back ever so rapidly. The answer is professional waxing; that means going to a highly skilled and licensed cosmetologist to perform this treatment successfully. The best salon/spa does expert waxing in St Johns, FL from head to toe. You name it, and she’ll remove it!

Why Waxing Is Better

The waxing process involves removing hair from the root, and that delivers smoother, softer skin for weeks because the hair has to regrow completely to reappear. Waxing when done by a professional is safe, hygienic, and effective. Also, the hair will grow back slower, finer, and more sparsely.

Shaving is fast, but you can end up with nicks and cuts, irritation, or a shaving rash. Since you’re only removing hair at the surface, it will return quickly and could appear coarser as well.

Waxing results in excellent exfoliation of the skin; it’s smooth and clean, and you avoid ingrown hairs and other annoying shaving issues.

Waxing for Women (Men, Too)

Booking an appointment for waxing in St Johns, FL at this immaculate spa/salon means you will be welcomed and treated like family. Talk about a waxing menu, your expert cosmetologist can do it all. Here is a short list of the waxable areas of the face and body: under the arms, full legs, halfback/half stomach, nose cavity, inner ears, Brazilian wax, bikini wax, the butt, etc.

A Professional Touch Is the Best

Waxing in St Johns, FL performed by a longtime, licensed beautician is a luxury treatment. The soothing warmth of the wax feels good, and the quick sting of the wax being removed is over and done. The results are impressive and smooth like silk, and “Look, no hair!” Who needs shaving and the constant hassle that goes with it?

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