Discover Options for Pool Spa Patio in Winter Haven FL

by | May 20, 2019 | Swimming Pools

The warm climate in Florida makes the investment of an above ground pool, a hot tub on the patio, or a swim spa off the deck well worth it for homeowners. Getting in the water is an ideal way to cool off after work, enjoy the extra hours of daylight in the summer, and get in some fun exercise without the cost of a gym membership. A wide variety of options means there are products that will suit every need, preference, and budget.


An above ground pool has a few advantages over an in-ground one. The first is cost. The preparation work that goes into setting up a pool above the ground is minimal compared to an in-ground pool, so the cost is significantly less. Pool packages also save homeowners money on equipment and accessories.

Hot Tubs

Hot tub sizes vary but are all small enough to install into a deck or patio. Those with the yard space can also have a separate deck or enclosure built for a hot tub. Some can accommodate as many as twelve adults. The features of adjustable heat, jets, and power provide therapeutic as well as relaxation benefits. Relieve stress, tension, and muscle aches while relaxing in the privacy of your own yard.

Swim Spas

These are designed to include the benefits of a pool and the features of a hot tub. Owners can enjoy the luxury of a spa and use the swimming resistance and space to get some exercise. Go to Website for detailed information.

What to Consider?

People trying to decide whether to have a Pool Spa Patio in Winter Haven FL installed can consider two factors to determine which product type is best for them. One is the space available for the product. A medium to large yard can handle a big pool or a swim spa while a hot tub will fit better on a deck or in a small yard.

Usage is another factor. If a couple plan on using a swim spa, pool, or hot tub for their own enjoyment, a small model will suffice. A family or individual planning to entertain friends and family will need a bigger size. A pool is ideal for lap swimming, splashing, games, and fun while a spa or hot tub is primarily for relaxation.

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