Designing Your Office Space

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Glass Repair & Replacement

If you are planning on renovating your office or commercial building, there are many design elements that you can use to modernize your work place. Draw some inspiration from the list below and come up with a new design layout that will meet all of your office interior decorating needs.


Mirrors are a great way to open up your office walls. As light reflects off of its surface, it can create a dazzling display for any room or hallway. Not just to be used as a wall hanging anymore, you can create a full wall or even a room that is built from mirrors.

Tailor your office look by going with custom mirrors in your Chicago building. There are many patterns and designs you can choose from to really create an office look that is all your own.


Another easy way to renovate your office is by choosing a new paint palette. Create a modern space by using colors that are sleek, stylish, and will play off of your furniture and interior décor. Design a welcoming feel by using pleasant colors that will not cause a distraction for you or your employees. Consider colors that you will be happy with for the long term.


Choose your furniture with care. You want them to give you style as well as function. The colors and style should match throughout your office. If you go with lighter colors, keep in mind you will need to clean the surfaces on a more regular basis than darker furniture as it tends to show more dirt and wear and tear.

Pick fabrics that will be able to keep up with your office’s daily activity and usage. The furniture should be comfortable for employees and clients and be conducive to different work areas and requirements.

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