Consider the Environment with Custom Furniture Reupholstery in Manhattan NY

Over a decade ago in 2007, the American public spent more than $40 billion on new furniture with the landfills of the U.S. filling up with furniture that may simply have gone out of style. Custom furniture reupholstery is an option that is becoming increasingly popular with those of you who are looking to find environmentally-friendly ways of updating your home design style. Not only does reupholstery help with reducing the problems for the environment but it can give a design boost to your furniture that may look tired on the outside but remains solid in its construction.

Reupholstery can Help the Environment

By choosing to reuse the frame of your existing furniture and looking to custom furniture reupholstery in Manhattan, NY, you are limiting your impact on the environment. When you add a piece of new fabric to an existing furniture frame you are reducing the number of natural resources that are being used to create your furniture. Custom furniture reupholstery in Manhattan, NY, allows the springs and frame of your sofa or chairs to be used again and limit the amount of furniture that is passed into landfills each year.

Sentimentality is a Good Thing

When you learn about us you will understand we want to make sure you keep the furniture that is important to you from your past. A loyal dog or a departed family member may have enjoyed using a piece of furniture and you may not wish to lose that memory by buying a new item. Contact House of Esquire at to learn more about us.