Choosing from Engagement Rings in New Jersey

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Retail Jewelry Store

Every romance has a story. Why not let your engagement ring tell that story for you?


The color of your diamond can help tell your story. Each metal can represent something in the engagement rings, depending on what you choose. How did you meet your future spouse? Picking a yellow gold might represent sand if you met on a beach. Lincroft Village Jewelers could represent the wine you shared at a bar. You could choose white to represent how amazingly beautiful the night was. Even platinum is available. Use your imagination to pick the color of your metal. Make the metal represent something in your love story or the way you met.


The weight of engagement rings in New Jersey can vary widely, depending on what type of ring you want. Make sure you choose a weight that will work well with your job. If you work with your hands, you may want a smaller ring that does not conflict with your duties. A heavier ring may get in the way. You may prefer a loud statement or a quiet statement. Which type represents you and your spouse more?


Choosing the cut is another way you can tell your story. Many engagement rings use round or cushion styles. But yours can be different. Choose the cut that most appeals to you. A heart shape can be romantic, or perhaps you prefer a more elegant princess setting. You could choose a classy pear cut that is shaped like a teardrop. Let the cut represent part of your story.

How can you tell your story with the ring? Only you know your story and how you can best tell it. Use the variety and customization features to allow you the opportunity for an engagement ring that will remain special every day of your life.

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