Buying Portable Generators From Signature Brand in New Jersey

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Electronic Parts Supplier

Technical Specifications of Portable Generators

New Generac portable generators are available in a wide range of signature designs for light-duty and heavy-duty applications. When you shop for such equipment from a top brand, you should understand the main technical specifications. The shipping weight of a typical portable generator is slightly more than 100 net pounds. Durable wheels improve the mobility of such devices that could be deployed at home and construction sites.

Generac portable generators in New Jersey typically come with an OHV engine block, which operates efficiently and smoothly. The oil capacity and engine displacement are some important parameters to consider when shopping for the ideal portable generator from this top brand. Additionally, the starting wattage is perhaps the most important technical specification on the menu. However, the running watts will be lower than the starting watts because of some natural power loss.

Highlights of Portable Generators

When you buy Generac portable generators in New Jersey, you will appreciate some of the latest technologies and features. For example, an LCD monitor will show some important operational metrics in real time. You could easily manage the entire power supply through user-friendly electronic buttons and switches. Folding handles and anti-roll cages provide extra convenience for moving and installing portable generators. Of course, circuit breakers are already built into the power modules to prevent dangerous surges in electrical current. You’ll also receive reminders when the fuel level is low inside the storage tank.

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