Benefits of Drive Up Storage in Blair, NE

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Drive up storage units are becoming increasingly popular in Nebraska and across the country. Although plenty of consumers are still renting indoor access storage units, they might change their minds after they find out more about the benefits of drive up storage in Blaire NE. Read on to learn more about the benefits of drive up storage.

They’re More Convenient

Indoor storage units can be inconvenient when renters have to store large or bulky items. They must carry their couches, beds, and dressers down hallways and often require dollies to do so. With a drive up storage unit, renters can unload those bulky items and heavy boxes from their vehicles and load them directly into their storage unit outside.

Variety of Sizes

Drive up storage units are usually larger than indoor units, but it’s still possible to find smaller rentals. This allows renters to find the right size unit to fit their needs without having to use an indoor storage facility or pay more extra space they don’t need.

Ease of Access

Those who keep items they must access frequently in their storage units will find that drive up units offer far easier access. They can just drive up to a nearby parking spot, unlock their units, and get what they need.

Just as Safe

Drive Up Storage in Blair NE is just as safe as indoor storage. Renters will receive security codes to open the facility’s gate and can lock their units so that no one else can access them.

Lower Cost

Most drive up storage facilities offer cheaper prices than their indoor access alternatives. They won’t have access to features like climate control, but those extra features come at a high cost that facility owners often pass on to consumers. Forgoing these unnecessary extras can help renters keep some extra money in their pockets.

24-Hour Access

Drive up storage units typically offer 24/7 access. Not all indoor storage facilities can say the same. Those who have questions about unit sizing, pricing, security, and other issues can Contact Us online to learn more or get in touch to speak with a dedicated customer service representative today.

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