Austin Weddings Old and New: Glitz Table Runners, Burlap, Embroidery

It is vital that you not underestimate the effect that your table appearance has on the decor of a wedding or reception. Tables are unique in that you can accomplish much of their expression with linens. Linens such as Chevron burlap or embroidery swirls

are key to table design because it is easy to otherwise clutter the surface and take away valuable space for serving and dining ware.

Satin & Embroidery Swirls

Satin is a bold and elegant material to drape on wedding tables, adding to the ceremonious atmosphere of the event. You can incorporate a few satin & embroidery swirl combinations into your table designs, whether you are getting married or serving as a wedding planner.

  • Vines work well to add dimensions and intricacies to satin and work well in a swirl pattern
  • Flowers including rose petals are common themes
  • Ribbons taking on diamond or circular patterns
  • Abstract
  • Chains with intricate and tiny links

Burlap Runners

Runners are attractive because they divide the table and provide a contrast and a line to guide your eyes. Burlap runners have the advantage of being able to add polish and style to your wedding tables without much cost. Moreover, neutral colors enable you to combine burlap runners with any other decor. They can create themes as they serve as a backdrop for other decorations.

Rustic – overlain with lace trim

Country – live flower bouquets or wreaths on top

Romantic or formal – candles atop Chevron burlap

Destination – a backdrop to native floral arrangements and collectibles (pine cones, decorated seashells, jewels)

New: Glitz Table Runners

Rather than fade into the background, glitz table runners become the life of the party with their vivid colors and sparkling textures. Mini sequins are stitched so tightly that they overlap, creating a more dazzling and uniform sparkle. Linen designers keep on the cutting edge by providing everchanging and unique colors.

  • Gold glitz
  • Apple red
  • Two-toned – e.g., silver and black, gold and silver
  • Plum
  • Burgundy
  • Art deco


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