Accurate and Cost-Saving Electronic Filing With EHR Indexing Services

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Health & Medical

Switching to electronic health records involves a significant amount of paper-based information. Historical notes on paper and electronically interfaced material all need inclusion in legal charts. For that reason, electronic indexing and filing services provide a helpful resource in the considerable document integration process.

EHR Indexing Services

Medical records indexing services support the implementation of EHR documents and route them to their relevant patient charts. Once the documents are scanned, clinically trained staff remotely index all and any document categories and types, saving providers costs on space, personnel and equipment.

The Indexing Process

The following steps make up the medical records indexing process:

  • Providers have documents, such as procedure reports, lab results and outside consults, that must be filed electronically in patient charts.
  • Indexing staff remotely and securely access the pre-scanned documents within the provider’s system.
  • Staff reviews each document and adds the file to its respective patient chart.
  • The process follows up with initial and continuing quality validation that ensures the usefulness of the data.

Additional Advantages of Electronic File Indexing

To ensure the process meets the project’s specific needs, medical records indexing services will partner with providers in developing a customized data strategy. The process is also backed by a team of supervisors, managers and auditors with full availability at all phases.

In addition, staff-based indexing saves the expense and time required with software-based conversion or in-house processing.

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