5 Benefits of Preventive HVAC Maintenance in Phoenix

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For a small upfront investment, homeowners can breathe cleaner air, save money, and benefit the environment. These are just some of the biggest benefits of HVAC Maintenance in Phoenix. Now, let’s look at why regular service is such a great investment.

Saving Money

Preventive maintenance benefits a homeowner’s bottom line in various ways.

  • Preventing expensive mechanical failures
  • Lowering utility bills
  • Extending the system’s useful life
  • Keeping the warranty in effect

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of system failure by up to 95%. Just as a motorist wouldn’t drive their car for 50,000 miles without routine service, they shouldn’t forget about the home’s HVAC system.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor airborne pollutant levels may be up to five times higher than those outdoors. This is significant if anyone in the house has asthma or another respiratory issue. With preventive maintenance, homeowners are more likely to get the clean, well-filtered air they deserve.

Better Overall Comfort

Homeowners depend on their HVAC systems to keep them comfortable all year long. Regular HVAC Maintenance in Phoenix helps systems create and distribute air more consistently, and it reduces the odds of a sudden breakdown at an inconvenient time.

Keeping the Home Safer

Everyone has heard a horror story of a vacationing neighbor who has returned to HVAC-related damage. If the heat stops working during a hard freeze, it may cause pipes to burst and water damage to occur. Repairs in these situations are incredibly expensive, but regular HVAC maintenance heads these problems off before they become uncontrollable.

Helping the Environment

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, a well-maintained heating and cooling system consumes less fuel. An environmentally-conscious homeowner should know which type of refrigerant the system uses, as the EPA is phasing out harmful substances. A technician will help customers learn about their options and the refrigerant’s effects on the environment.

Investing in preventive maintenance gives homeowners the reassurance of knowing that, if something happens, they’ve made the situation as easy as possible to resolve. Visit Worlock AC & Heating Specialist for more details or call today to schedule HVAC service.

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