4 Things To Think About As You’re Planning Your Saint Augustine Bathroom Remodel

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Home Improvement Services, Remodelling

Remodeling a bathroom means fitting large things into a small space. It also means getting the water just right so nothing floods. Of course homeowners want a jazzy spa experience in their bathrooms, but there are four things homeowners need to know from their residential contractor in Saint Augustine, FL, before they choose the first tile.

1. Room In The Budget

Most homeowners only have a set amount to spend on a remodel. They rarely have enough money to handle a hidden disaster. Homeowners therefore need to budget five to ten percent of the cost of the remodel for anything untoward like leaks or rotted boards.

2. It’s About Water Efficiency

Today’s technology has given us low flow water systems that both save on water and give homeowners a satisfying bathing experience. For instance, buy a rain shower head that uses less water but still pulses like a rain shower. Toilets have become more water efficient as well with built in technology.

3. Light And Ventilation

Mold and mildew attaches to any surface including cloth, wood, and wall paper and feeds until the material no longer supports it. It causes breathing problems requiring a hospital to fix. Open windows and vents reduce the moisture in a room. This leaves mold and mildew nothing on which to feed, so make very sure your residential contractor in Saint Augustine, FL, builds enough windows and vents into the remodeled bathroom.

4. It’s About Enough Storage

It’s cold getting out of the shower or bath and then walking somewhere to get a towel or a container of soap. Storage usually isn’t something people plan on; they just want a pretty and functional bathroom. However, built-ins, shelves, and vanities with plenty of storage give homeowners enough space to tuck away all their bathing supplies. Call Gary’s Home Services to learn more about planning your bathroom remodel.

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