3 Ways a Residential Tree Service in Fort Myers, FL, Can Offer You Value

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Tree Service

Having trees around your property can give life to your home and backyard, however, maintaining them regularly is essential. These three ways are here to inform you that a residential tree service in Fort Myers, FL, is important but also offers you value.

Trimming Branches for a Garden

By having a regular Residential Tree Service in Fort Myers, FL, you are not only improving the health of your trees, but your backyard is able to have areas of consistent sunlight. While having shady trees is a positive quality, it can prevent sunlight on its adjacent areas. By trimming a few branches, extra sunlight gives you a value of planting a garden someday.

Mulching Trees to Eliminate Weeds

Majority of residential lawns do experience these mighty weeds on occasion. If you mulch your trees often, this can help eliminate these pesky plants. Also, mulching helps absorb more water toward your tree roots instead of the sun evaporating it.

Removing Trees for Protection

Another way you can give yourself a peace of mind is providing extra safety when hurricane season or stormy weather arrives. By removing dead or unwanted trees, you are saving future headaches if these trees potentially fall on your pets, house or damage your property.

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